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2016 Anniversary Show "KINGSTOPIA" & Annual Awards Ceremony - Tickets on sale soon! ! !
The annual KING'S event is highly anticipated, and all students and parents are invited to participate and witness the achievements of the students.


<Public Sale>
On August 15th at 10:00 a.m. on the Urbtix city ticket network

Support your children, vote for your favorite team on the day of the show, and each ticket will be issued with a ballot paper, please call your friends to support!
With the AP ticket, you can get a "Favorite Team" vote. Vote for your "Favorite Team" on the same day. The winning team can get rich prizes. If you vote for the central water, you can also participate in the lucky draw and call many friends to support and appreciate it. Children's show!

Review of past anniversary shows:

2014   2013

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