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KING'S invites you to join


In order to cooperate with the Group's business development, we welcome you who are passionate about the education service industry to join our team.


"Seize the opportunity to join KING'S for the future"


Since its establishment in 2010, KING'S has won a number of educational and corporate awards, including "2014 Rising Star Service Brand". It is the largest rhythmic gymnastics school in Hong Kong. The technical core figure, President Wu Songlan, is the first doctor of rhythmic gymnastics in Hong Kong and "Hong Kong Fashion". Professional Women". The KING'S brand currently has 6 branches. The KING'S brand is located in Hong Kong, Kowloon and the New Territories, and will continue to expand the branch network to all districts in Hong Kong, dedicated to providing parents and students with the most professional rhythmic gymnastics and dance teaching services.

We sincerely invite you who are enthusiastic about the teaching of young children and children to join us, and help you move towards your ideal future and climb to the peak of your career! As a practical director, he has the opportunity to participate in organizing large-scale events including: KING'S Anniversary Show, 2015 Queen's Cup International Competition, ICC - SKY 100 Summer Show, Disney Parade, over 100 performance opportunities throughout the year. There are also opportunities to go abroad for exchanges, including: Japan, Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Europe, China, Canada, etc. With generous benefits, a perfect promotion system and strong support as the backing, you can develop your potential and develop your strengths!


Recruitment positions include:

1. Administration and Human Resources Officer (full-time)

2. Course Promoter  (full time)

3. Assistant Customer Relations Officer (full-time)

4. Administrative and Accounting Clerk (Full Time)

5. Dance/rhythmic gymnastics instructor (full-time/part-time) (multiple)

6. Marketing Assistant (full-time)

7. Tutor assistant (part-time) (multiple)

8. College assistant (part-time) (multiple)

Please fill in the " APPLICATION FROM " / email to us now, suitable candidates will be re-appointed.
Email to and please specify the position applied for

Please see that workers bring their own copies of the following documents:
Personal resume, recent photo, academic and professional qualification certificate, work certificate and required treatment.


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